The Phoenix team was originally bonded together with a common goal of high quality products and true passion for riding. Over the past few years the company has continued to grow that tradition even further. Some of the original Phoenix pro riders still on the team today are pioneers in the industry which came from nothing just over a decade ago. Today, the same pro riders that help push the limits of what’s possible also carefully design & oversee the product line from start to finish to ensure quality for all styles of riding. Phoenix stands at the forefront of the scooter industry and takes pride in outstanding customer service and high quality scooters all under one roof managed by the riders.

    Phoenix pro riders have developed skills on & off their scooter over the years to help push themselves along with the company to new heights. Each rider brings something unique to Phoenix which helps us as a team become better rounded in all aspects of business. Our team (Phamily) strives to set the standard in product quality, video production, scooter outreach, and most importantly; riding.