About Us – Phoenix Pro Scooters

About Us

Phoenix Pro Scooters is THE ORIGINAL aftermarket scooter company. Based in Portland, Oregon, Phoenix observed a need for a better quality scooter, emphasizing stronger decks, wider handlebars and a product that could stand up to consistent use.

Phoenix Pro Scooters quickly set the Pacific Northwest on fire by releasing the first ever one-piece scooter deck in 2009.  Since then Phoenix Pro Scooters has been dedicated to creating the most high-end, professional-level scooters and scooter parts. Phoenix Pro Scooters is run by some of the best professional scooter riders in the industry.

Today Phoenix Pro Scooters is a truly global scooter brand, available throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. We continue to design, market and distribute the best scooter products in the market.

The Brand was named after the long-lived Greek bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. After the Phoenix has gone through it’s entire lifecycle, it bursts into flames which burns away all the old and brings in the new. Fitting for Phoenix pro scooters, the brand promises to deliver the latest technology and ideas which will rejuvenate and regularly advance the market of scooters.

Phoenix Pro Scooters brings not only the best quality and highest performing products on the market, but they also emphasize the idea of Phamily. They believe that scooter riding is not just a sport but a lifestyle. If you ride a scooter, you are a part of the Phoenix Phamily that supports the world of scooters. 

All Phoenix Pro Scooters endure an intensive R&D process. Each piece is conceived by industry leading riders who work face to face with their mechanical engineers. Each design is sampled and then ridden for a minimum time period by Phoenix’s team of pro riders. Products will only be put into production if they surpass the standards of all the team riders. Besides rider approval, Phoenix’s in-house engineers provide strength and stress tests on the aircraft grade metals.  This ensures that Phoenix Pro Scooter products can handle the demands of today’s professional scooter riders. Phoenix Pro Scooters makes no compromises and continues to push the limits of what is possible on a pro scooter’s design and engineering.