Roomet Saalik Qualifies for Nitro World Games!

Roomet Saalik Qualifies for Nitro World Games!

Nitro World Games is an event on the forefront of action sports. Bringing together athletes from all disciplines for one day, one event, to showcase what each sport has to offer.

The Nitro World Games qualifiers went down in Lake Perris, California last month. Check the video above for all the action. Roomet Saalik threw down some pretty heavy tricks and earned his spot to the semi-finals in Salt Lake City. It is going to be a battle for the finals, but we know our boy Roomet can make it happen.

Check out this article on the Nitro World Games website to learn more about the history of scootering and how far it has come.

Stay tuned to their website for a full interview with Roomet!

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