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Kassu Palén | Finland Connect

Kassu Palén | Finland Connect

Kassu lives in Helsinki Finland where he attends high school for most of the year and rides his scooter for the rest. Kassu has been developing a smooth, technical style over the years and we're more than happy to show you another video that show cases that.
Along the side of Kassu there's a heavy scene in the Helsinki area that ride with him. From riding the streets and the skateparks, Kassu puts together another video filled with surprises and steeze.
"It's definitely one of my favourite/best videos I've done so far. 1st of all I want to thank all my filmers for helping me get this vid done, Jani Vuorela,Santeri Suonperä and Lewis Crampton. I have couple interesting backstories filming for it, I was lucky to get the car clip where i did 180 on that car and full cab out cuz, Helmeri saw that car was burning in the news day before, so he hit me and few others up to sesh that car if it was still there (usually burnt cars get taken away pretty quickly) but luckily it was still there the next day, and we seshed for good 2 hours.

Also trying to land that banger was frustrating, i did it in the last line 3rd try without barspin and when i started trying the barspin out it took me like 1,5hours (probably) 😃 definitely the hardest trick i've ever done to date. 

And last but not least propably the funniest thing, the first 3 fakie manny combos, i had never done any of them before and I had the most painful head ache i've ever had and on top of that i was bit drunk as well but i tried doing 180 bar to fakie manny to half cab down heel and didn't get it, changed the down heel to full cab and landed like 2nd try and then i said to Santeri as a joke "ima try 540" and landed 2nd or 3rd try as well and same thing with the 180whip to fakie manny to half cab bar. You can just imagine how stoked i was after landing them haha
I bent my bars sooo bad during the steep quarter/bank to wall ride into a tractors "scoop" or whaterver its called at 0:53 that's why i have the ugly green t-bar in most of the clips 😂
-Kassu Palen

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