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Carson Miller Welcome to Phoenix AM

During my stay at Camp Woodward East week 12 this past summer I was able to ride with about 80 kids from around the country & even kids from Canada drove down to sesh for the week. Within the first 2 days I met some really rad kids like Carson Miller for example. Every time I saw him he was shredding so hard, I even got to chill with him during a few meals throughout the week when we weren’t riding, he's one happy kid that's for sure.

Every time I was out riding & filming at B3 or the Launch Pad there was Carson throwing down like it was nothing. To be honest I was surprised throughout the week of how easy he made everything look. I was thinking to myself “I just moved from the East Coast, we just hooked up Jason Cheety & Danny Schmidt with AM spots, do we add a young Midwest shredder to the team too?” I guess I was questionable about asking Carson to join the AM team right away because I had only spent a week with the guy.. I was thinking I would like to get to know him a little more before we make him apart of anything with Phoenix.

Carson & I kept the communication up after the week at Woodward, he rides for ScooterZone, he lives in the Michigan state where there isn’t much Phoenix representation, he rides a scooter pretty damn good for being 15 & he’s got a great outlook on scootering for his age. There was nothing else left to do besides tell him to start filming for a Welcome To the team video! With Carson’s addition to the team I feel confident about his growth as a shredder and know he’ll represent the company as what is it, a Phamily of riders who all contribute in their own unique ways to the industry.

Expect footage from the new AM rider & all the other team riders on our YouTube channel coming soon. Phoenix Pro Scooters
-Dan Barrett

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