Seattle Street Jam V4 by Dan Barrett – Phoenix Pro Scooters

Seattle Street Jam V4 by Dan Barrett

The fourth annual Seattle Jam took place this past weekend (Sept 26th) and it was just as exciting if not more than the past few years.

Ryan Upchurch & I drove up in the man van Friday night to Tbones place in Bothell right after we visited Jimmy Lewis (Shop Mothership owner). The drive & the night went by quick especially since I slept out in my van, I kept my seats at my house so I could make the back of the van a huge bed.

Saturday morning I didn’t even get out of my van and drove straight to the coffee shop to get my fix. Quickly got back to Tbones house & then we all drove over to Garfield high school to start the jam.




The jam started with a hop contest over some shoe boxes that quickly escalated. The hop contest ended with 8 shoe boxes with an additional shoe on top since no one could clear 9. Your boy won $20 for the highest hop so I ate pretty good that night ;)


Who's going?

Dan Barrett, fs 180 over 8 shoe boxes


The second spot of jam was the huge wall ride next to the 11 set. Just to get to the top of it you had to get a running start on the other side of the school. It was insane though, people were throwing down off the top of it, onto it and Nick Tedrick even hit the wall ride to board slide down the 11.


 Cooper Klaar behind the lens


The last part of the jam at the school was best line down the 2 8 stairs. The first set had 2 rails that we’re made of concrete which were super waxed, a wall ride that was kind of hard to hit and then the second 8 set had 2 buttery rails with a ledge to the side of the set. My sesh quickly ended after I tried to whip out of a front wall ride & fell straight to my hip but that didn’t stop everyone else from shutting it down.


Ryan Upchurch, front board

Dan Barrett, half cab 180


Overall the jam was great, it brought a lot of people from different areas together for the weekend & it shinned light on street riding in the northwest.


Phoenix riders, Cooper Klaar, Dan Barrett, Tyler Bonner with additional homie Ryan Upchurch


Check the video below that the homies over at ADVCT made!


All photos we're shot by Cole Gregg, @portlandcole

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