Kai Saunders | Welcome to Phoenix Pro Scooters

Kai Saunders | Welcome to Phoenix Pro Scooters

Check out what Team Manager Dan Barrett had to say!

Since the beginning of 2015 we started working with Kai Saunders to develop a video announcing him apart of the Phoenix Am team, we can finally say welcome to DA SQUAD KAI!

Kai is a Sydney Australia based rider who has been steezing it out for a while now. Wilson Thomas who was just recently added to DA SQUAD rides with Kai a lot so it only sense to work with both of them to represent the brand in Australia. After sending him a package of the new Phoenix 2015 product Kai quickly went to work with Wilson to film this master piece of a video.

Check the video out & leave a comment of what you think. We hope you enjoy it half as much as we enjoyed working together on this project.

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