Southwest Tour!!! – Phoenix Pro Scooters

Southwest Tour!!!

Filmed over the course of 1 month on the road in California, Arizona, and Mexico the SouthWest tour film is a compilation of the best moments on our international scooter travels. Including riders like Cooper Klaar, Dan Barrett, Hunter Bechtle, Jake Hershey, Joe Armstrong, Jon Devrind, Roomet Saalik, Ryan Upchurch, Stan Smirnoff and Tyler Bonner! The level of riding displayed is unreal, and these guys have plenty more where that came from! Let us know what you think and leave your comments below!

Special thanks to all those who helped make the tour film possible - especially Phoenix Pro Scooters, Grit Scooters, and Crisp Scooters for their dedication to supporting the riding community and some of the top athletes in our sport today.

Film Edited By: Ryan Upchurch

Disclaimer: All songs used in the production of this film are used solely for the purpose of entertainment and conveying a positive lifestyle through the art form of scooter riding.’

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