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Tyler Bonner - Dissidence Street Jam

It's so insane that I've been at the past 3 annual Dissidence Street Jams. Each year it's a little bit different, and I'm going to attempt to give you guys a little insight into this years event. We actually got rained out on the first day, but we still ended up meeting up with the whole mob of French scooter riders and seshing this really sick DIY spot underneath some building on the river and we made due with the few little ledges and rails that've been built over time by skateboarders I'm assuming. Also it seemed like a good time to throw the high jump contest which is always insane to watch. Alexis Culliver took the win after clearing 10! shoe boxes! Idk how that's possible, but yeah that happened haha. On the 2nd day we woke up after having lived through a crazy after-party at the Dissidence warehouse, and headed out to meet up with everyone. We showed up to a really cool courtyard with stairs and ledges all around and a few rails that Dissidence made for the event that went up an down the stairs. And it took me a bit to realize, but this was the same spot where Kenny Yap 360 whipped the massive double set 2 years back, and this time Dissidence provided a huge, terrifying double kink rail that sat on the same set.
I had seen the rail being made on our first night when we stayed in the warehouse, and obviously I wanted to hit it but once we were there in front of all of these ppl, and some of the locals started sending themselves down the set to flat, I had to sit back and watch the show haha. Kenny Griffin came out of nowhere and really got things started by sending a gap to front lip but blew off his scooter when he landed. Dude was so hyped he just ran back up the set and came back and pulled it. Elliot Arnold went next trying to just make it through the rail with a back board but just kept getting stuck and bucked to the bottom of the set. And if Elliot was struggling, I knew I probably made the right decision by sitting back and watching... He ended up coming through with his almost signature board to back lip and was happy enough to take a seat with Kenny after that one. Next up was Jessee Ikedah, who decided to think outside the box and sent the gnarliest wall ride and got robbed when his wheels slipped out in a tiny puddle of water sitting at the bottom of the stairs. But he got up and went for it again, and this time he was just blown off his scooter by the shock of impact and smacked his head really good and scared the hell out of me, and everyone else but luckily ended up being alright. After Jessee, some kid just came flying through the air with a front scooter flip, missed the catch and and literally bounced off the concrete on his knee and was carried off in an ambulance. Next a younger kid named Didine, that I'd seen walking his scooter down the rail in a double peg, but really didn't expect him to actually try it because it would've been so damn scary. But he actually went for it and on the 3rd try blew everyone's minds when he pulled a double peg to back lip. The last one to go for anything was Enzo who won the Jam last year, and he had been eying something up all day and no one was too sure what he wanted on the rail. But after a bunch of stressful run ups, he rolled up with some speed and went for a gap whip to front lip but didn't have enough speed and clipped the very end of the kink and was launched to flat head first and was knocked unconscious and loaded up into an ambulance, and we found out later he had a concussion and broken clavicle, which is gnarly and all but I think he's lucky to get out with only that! Congrats to Didine for walking away as the king of Paris, and $2000 richer.
Super stoked to be out here. I'm very grateful and cannot thank Phoenix Pro Scooters enough for getting me out here! -Tyler

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