Dan Barrett in Paris! – Phoenix Pro Scooters

Dan Barrett in Paris!

"The day after the street jam was the only sunny day Paris had during our stay so we started the day off at 10am by pushing over to Sebastian's (Roots Boy's Productions, look out for the Dissidence street jam V6 video coming soon) apartment. We wound up waiting an hour in a half for Jon R and then we pushed over to Starbucks to fuelllll up.
First spot of the day was back to back buttery ledges, got some clips while locals played soccer and watched us. On the way out I found some slanted walls that looked attractive so I had to give it a fs wall ride.

Ended the day with a jib sesh next to the river with the Eiffel tower chilling in the background.
I was able to get this clip as it started to rain which ended the riding for the day.

Tried pulling a metal ring out of a wall that blocked the train from the road too."

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