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Dan Barrett - A Day in Colorado

"I've never been to Colorado before so I was stoked and anxious to ride a bunch of outdoor concrete skateparks that I've seen in bmx videos. In one day we got to ride 4 skateparks within 8 hours, Lafayette was the first park and my personal favorite. Secondly we hit up the downtown Denver skatepark which was chill, I wasn't a huge fan of the layout of the park but I was able to film a line before we left. After that we got some lunch at wing stop before we headed over to Evolve Action Sports Park. Evolve wasn't opened to the public yet but the owner of the park let us get some filming in. If you're in the Denver area definitely check out Evolve if you're looking for some product and a sesh. Lastly we rode Arvada skatepark, this park had more scooter riders than any other one we visited, it was cool riding and getting to meet some of them. Issac Miller showed up for a bit so that was a treat, riding with Issac can really open up your thoughts on what's even possible on a scooter.
Overall the Colorado trip was worth every second, the scooter scene is growing and the skateparks are insane. If you're looking to get a lot of riding in definitely visit Colorado."


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