Dan Barrett - Madd Gear Big Air Weekend – Phoenix Pro Scooters

Dan Barrett - Madd Gear Big Air Weekend

"Going back to spend time on the East coast is always a good feeling, especially this time because I wasn’t competing, on tour, or going for anything riding my scooter related."
"There was the first ever mini mega contest and I was 1 out of 3 judges. I judged the technicality of the tricks over the gap and on the quarter pipe, I sat next to Andy Bradford who judged style, and Arnold Leon who judged amplitude. Judging a contest of this size really had me nervous, every decimal point of the score counted and we couldn’t have any room for error because there was thousands of dollars paid to the winner. Ray did a back flip 7 whip over the gap and made the camera guy replay it in slow-mo multiple times so I could make sure it was 7 whips… it definitely was  7 whips. It was fun though, everyone was throwing them selves over the mega and I had a front row seat."
(Ray Warner - Photo: Mike Bennett)
"While everyone was practicing on Friday I spent most of the day in the playground skatepark. I was riding by myself for about an hour until Jeremiah Smith walks in with his bike and starts riding with me. I had my phone set up on a quarter pipe recording myself get a line, he saw me going back and forth to my phone and he asked if he could film it… I’ve looked up to this guys style on a bike for years and he just walks into the skatepark that I was riding and started filming me…. I was stoked, AND I landed it first try when he started filming."

"After judging the Madd Gear big air contest at Woodward East I was sliding down the landing of the mini mega ramp and saw Cam Ward screwing off the lid to a 5 gallon Gatorade jug with a huge smirk on his face.. I didn't even say anything to him, all I did was help him carry it over and pour gallons of purple sugared water all over Ray Warner!!! I got my pants, shoes and shirt all wet too but damn was it worth it hahaha"

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