First Saturday of Spring 2015 - Cooper Klaar – Phoenix Pro Scooters

First Saturday of Spring 2015 - Cooper Klaar

         Logan Fuller, Chase Robertson and I made plans to make our way out to this undercover handicap rail at a school in Portland that we had yet to check out and other spots near there. The weather was a bit bipolar that day so after the rain cleared up and we gained some hype while watching the new “Lux” video by Friendly we were set to shred.


         Dan Barrett, Ryan Upchurch, Jake Hershey and Tabitha Windle ended up meeting up with us at the first spot as well. Logan and I were trying to boardslide the entire rail while Chase filmed with the VX. After around an hour, I ended up getting stuck on top of the rail and landed with my knee and shin on top of the rail and then wrapping around it. Ryan ended up trying to front boardslide the entire thing as well for around an hour until he got wrecked.


         Logan tried the rail for about 4 hours before he ended up conquering the entire thing. At that time it was sunset and we knew the day was through, and I bought Logan a congratulatory burrito in celebration of his feat.  

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