Phoenix Pro Scooters at Austin Street Jam v3
Phoenix Pro Scooters at Austin Street Jam v3

Phoenix Pro Scooters at Austin Street Jam v3



Cooper Klaar and myself (Dan Barrett) flew to Austin Texas to ride with the locals in the street jam, it was a sick event and even the little 14 year olds were ripping up the streets. 

Cooper Klaar and Dan Barrett watching a clip that Cooper got at 5 hips.

Photo taken by Ryan Upchurch

Matt Ogle and Theo Kotyk organized the jam really well, 50+ riders took over the streets while we rode from one spot to the next. We ended the day at a ditch spot near a river where we cooled off and escaped the heat, I ended up launching into the river because of how hot it was throughout the day.

Dan Barrett shredding a rail spot with the locals.

Photo taken by Ryan Uphucrch

Henry shreds, winning himself a blue 4.5" ION deck

Dan Barrett, front lip around the guardrail to 270 downside whip in.

Picture taken by Ryan Upchurch

Coop managed to film a quick 1:00 video throughout the day that highlights most of what went down that you can watch on our instagram ( If you want to watch more of the madness give the video below that Mike DeJong put together a watch.



We want to personally thank Matt and Theo for being the best hosts anyone could ask for. They also put on a jam that brought a lot of riders together, events like these is what scootering needs more of. 


These ledges were some of the greatest I've ever ridden, favorite spot in Texas.

Photo taken by Kyle Miller

Ending the trip with a hop over a sideways stop sign we found on our way to dinner.

Photo by Ryan Upchurch


Thanks to everyone who spent the time to read this. Next trip, Barcelona!

-Dan Barrett 

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