Phoenix's First Look - Signature Ion Decks

     A long time in the works, here is your first look at the Cooper Klaar and Tyler Bradley signature decks. Scheduled to drop this summer, these 5" x 22" monsters include square reinforced drop outs for added strength and smoother grinds. Known to be the strongest head tube in the scooter market, the Ion's forged 1-piece head tube is going to hold this deck together for maximum thrashability.

     Not only are these decks made for top-level performance, they also look super sick. With artwork from scooter rider Alec Backus, these are two of the coolest looking signature decks out there. Cooper Klaar is a big fan of the classic Sony VX, as well as his cat, Betty; you already know he had to include those within his northwest United States back drop. Tyler Bradley, also hailing from the northwestern corridor of the United States, went with a Washington/Seattle themed graphic. Encompassing the Pacific Northwestern native culture, a large totem pole stands strongly in front of the massive Mount Rainier.

Cooper Klaar | "Sydney 2017"

Cooper Klaar is a force to be reckoned with. The man loves mashing bowls, hittin' the plants, and putting together technical and gnarly lines in the streets. Don't miss this one, you'll regret it. - Phoenix Pro Scooters

Nick Tedrick | "Welcome to Phoenix" Part

Nick Tedrick is rapidly earning the respect of his peers. From throwing down at the Chicago Street Jam last year, to competing in the world's most renown park contests, Nick has been around the world and back, bringing the best of both worlds, and the footage shows the carnage along the way. Always pushing the limits of what is possible - Phoenix Pro Scooters 

Phoenix Pro Scooters | 2016 Completes

We're proud to announce that our 2016 complete scooter line has landed and is now available! We have a bunch of new updates from last years models and our pro team is already developing and testing next years designs. You can find our product available in each region through,




North America,

Pilot Complete - Entry Level Complete

      • 4.25" wide x 19" long deck
      • 22" tall x 20" wide hi-tensile steel t-Bars 
      • New Phoenix logo grip tape
      • New pad print artwork on the 110mm 88A Alloy 7-spoke wheels
      • 31.8mm standard smooth double clamp
      • New aluminum Phoenix badge on front of the head tube
      • New stronger reinforced Burner fork 
      • New colors

Session Complete - Intermediate Level Complete 

      • 4.5" Wide x 20" long deck
      • New deck caps on the front of the extrusion to ensure longevity for grinds
      • New 23"tall x 23"wide hi-tensile steel gusseted T-bars 
      • Reinforced hi-tensile steel phase fork 
      • New machined groove in the fork tube for the star nut to sit
      • Smooth double clamp
      • New Session logo grip tape
      • Fully integrated with Phoenix top cap
      • New pad print artwork on the 110mm 88a alloy fly wheels
      • New colors

Sequel Complete - Advanced Level Complete

      • 4.75" wide x 21" long deck
      • 6061 aluminum alloy classic fork
      • New deck caps on the front of the extrusion to ensure longevity for grinds
      • Fully integrated with Phoenix top cap
      • New chromoly Lineage bar design, 26"tall x 24"wide
      • New pad print artwork on the 110mm 88a alloy wing wheels
      • New sequel logo grip tape
      • 34.9mm oversized smooth double clamp
      • New colors






Kassu Palén | Finland Connect

Kassu lives in Helsinki Finland where he attends high school for most of the year and rides his scooter for the rest. Kassu has been developing a smooth, technical style over the years and we're more than happy to show you another video that show cases that.
Along the side of Kassu there's a heavy scene in the Helsinki area that ride with him. From riding the streets and the skateparks, Kassu puts together another video filled with surprises and steeze.
"It's definitely one of my favourite/best videos I've done so far. 1st of all I want to thank all my filmers for helping me get this vid done, Jani Vuorela,Santeri Suonperä and Lewis Crampton. I have couple interesting backstories filming for it, I was lucky to get the car clip where i did 180 on that car and full cab out cuz, Helmeri saw that car was burning in the news day before, so he hit me and few others up to sesh that car if it was still there (usually burnt cars get taken away pretty quickly) but luckily it was still there the next day, and we seshed for good 2 hours.

Also trying to land that banger was frustrating, i did it in the last line 3rd try without barspin and when i started trying the barspin out it took me like 1,5hours (probably) 😃 definitely the hardest trick i've ever done to date. 

And last but not least propably the funniest thing, the first 3 fakie manny combos, i had never done any of them before and I had the most painful head ache i've ever had and on top of that i was bit drunk as well but i tried doing 180 bar to fakie manny to half cab down heel and didn't get it, changed the down heel to full cab and landed like 2nd try and then i said to Santeri as a joke "ima try 540" and landed 2nd or 3rd try as well and same thing with the 180whip to fakie manny to half cab bar. You can just imagine how stoked i was after landing them haha
I bent my bars sooo bad during the steep quarter/bank to wall ride into a tractors "scoop" or whaterver its called at 0:53 that's why i have the ugly green t-bar in most of the clips 😂
-Kassu Palen

Scooters are finally apart of the Simple Session event!

Our Estonian connect and Pro Rider Roomet Saalik was part of the reason why we got invited to the Simple Session contest in Estonia this year.. Huge thanks to Roomet and every other rider who was apart of the movement.

Roomet Saalik Super man, photo by Petri Sara

The promoters of the contest reached out to Roomet inviting him and a few other riders to ride in a demo in between the main bmx and skateboarding events. Of course we were all over it, especially it being the first time scooters are apart of a major annual event like this. It also helped a ton that Roomet lives in Estonia.

With those who are familiar with Simple Session you know how big of a deal this is, for those who aren't familiar with Simple Session you can find out more here,



Here's a picture of Roomet's setup he rode during the demo at Simple Session 2016.

Kassu Palen front board, photo by Petri Sara

Kassu Palen signing autographs, photo by Petri Sara

Out side the Simple Session arena, photo by Petri Sara

Roomet Saalik 360 tuck no hander, photo by Petri Sara

Kassu Palen back lip, photo by Petri Sara

Kassu Palen deep in water, photo by Petri Sara

Kassu Palen getting revenge, photo by Petri Sara


Phoenix Pro Scooters at Austin Street Jam v3



Cooper Klaar and myself (Dan Barrett) flew to Austin Texas to ride with the locals in the street jam, it was a sick event and even the little 14 year olds were ripping up the streets. 

Cooper Klaar and Dan Barrett watching a clip that Cooper got at 5 hips.

Photo taken by Ryan Upchurch

Matt Ogle and Theo Kotyk organized the jam really well, 50+ riders took over the streets while we rode from one spot to the next. We ended the day at a ditch spot near a river where we cooled off and escaped the heat, I ended up launching into the river because of how hot it was throughout the day.

Dan Barrett shredding a rail spot with the locals.

Photo taken by Ryan Uphucrch

Henry shreds, winning himself a blue 4.5" ION deck

Dan Barrett, front lip around the guardrail to 270 downside whip in.

Picture taken by Ryan Upchurch

Coop managed to film a quick 1:00 video throughout the day that highlights most of what went down that you can watch on our instagram ( If you want to watch more of the madness give the video below that Mike DeJong put together a watch.



We want to personally thank Matt and Theo for being the best hosts anyone could ask for. They also put on a jam that brought a lot of riders together, events like these is what scootering needs more of. 


These ledges were some of the greatest I've ever ridden, favorite spot in Texas.

Photo taken by Kyle Miller

Ending the trip with a hop over a sideways stop sign we found on our way to dinner.

Photo by Ryan Upchurch


Thanks to everyone who spent the time to read this. Next trip, Barcelona!

-Dan Barrett 

Phoenix in China! Highest 50/50 on a Scooter?!

Front side 5050 at SMP skatepark in Jiangwan City, Shanghai China. Photo by Ryan Upchurch. 

The main reason we went to China was to visit the factories where the Phoenix and Rogue products are manufactured. The products were in the early stages of production when we got there so it was perfect timing to make any last minute changes. 

When in production, we follow a certain schedule. This is a general breakdown of that schedule:

1. Finalize product drawings.

This can take a while, especially if you haven't set up a deadline to have the drawings done. We work closely with the engineers to create a product that the team visualizes and wants to ride.

2. Create & finalize product artwork.

After we have a general idea of how the product will look, we work with our artist to create the color finish and the artwork that will be applied. 

3. Get a sample, inspect, and test. 

After we get a sample and have the team properly test it, we make any and all last minute changes with the engineer and manufacturers before it goes into production. 

Most of the time in China, we were busy finalizing the product finishes and artwork that will be going on the new summer 2016 Phoenix product line. Expect to see the Phoenix product line coming soon.

Ryan Upchurch, Dan Barrett, Dom Marconi

Drinking non carbonated RedBulls after the SMP sesh.

Dan Barrett straight hop over a motorized scooter.

Ryan Upchurch behind the lens.

Dan Barrett with a front bri over a fallen light pole.

Ryan Upchurch behind the lens.

Dan Barrett with a backside board slide on a tailgate in Shanghai.

Ryan Upchurch behind the lens.

Dan Barrett posted at the largest skatepark in the world, SMP skatepark.

-Dan Barrett

Kassu Palén | BCN 2016

Phoenix AM rider Kassu recently took a trip to Barcelona, Spain to film a new video. The end result is impeccable. Couldn't have asked for a better banger. Solid riding from a shredder.
Kassu Palén and Roomet Saalik will be at Simple Session 2016 in Estonia this weekend for a massive pro scooter demo. Don't miss out on it!
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Tyler Bradley Welcome To The Team

Tyler Bradley has been progressing beyond belief over the past couple of years and is definitely making a name for himself. Known mainly for charging at just about any rail with no fear or hesitation, Tyler can also ride just about anything. He is originally from Samammish, Washington but currently resides in Irvine, California studying at the University of Irvine. College doesn't slow him down though as he still finds time to shred and film with the homies from Based Posse Nick Donatelli, Ralfie Garcia, and Eddie Cuellar. As well as Vault Pro Scooters homies Shelby Grimnes and Andrew Zamora. Tyler has definitely put a ton of work into this video as he's traveled to a lot of spots all over Cali, Washington, as well as a couple of trips to Portland Oregon and a quick trip to Chicago for the street jam and about 8 months later we are very stoked to have show you Tyler Bradley's part as our newest pro rider. Enjoy!

Filmed by:
Nick Donatelli
Eddie Cuellar
Shelby Grimnes
Tom Kvilhaug
Blake Bailor
Logan Fuller
Bryan Hillman
Zack Martin
Josh Young

Edited by: Damion Black

Song: Make You Mine by Rancho Relaxo

Carson Miller Welcome to Phoenix AM

During my stay at Camp Woodward East week 12 this past summer I was able to ride with about 80 kids from around the country & even kids from Canada drove down to sesh for the week. Within the first 2 days I met some really rad kids like Carson Miller for example. Every time I saw him he was shredding so hard, I even got to chill with him during a few meals throughout the week when we weren’t riding, he's one happy kid that's for sure.

Every time I was out riding & filming at B3 or the Launch Pad there was Carson throwing down like it was nothing. To be honest I was surprised throughout the week of how easy he made everything look. I was thinking to myself “I just moved from the East Coast, we just hooked up Jason Cheety & Danny Schmidt with AM spots, do we add a young Midwest shredder to the team too?” I guess I was questionable about asking Carson to join the AM team right away because I had only spent a week with the guy.. I was thinking I would like to get to know him a little more before we make him apart of anything with Phoenix.

Carson & I kept the communication up after the week at Woodward, he rides for ScooterZone, he lives in the Michigan state where there isn’t much Phoenix representation, he rides a scooter pretty damn good for being 15 & he’s got a great outlook on scootering for his age. There was nothing else left to do besides tell him to start filming for a Welcome To the team video! With Carson’s addition to the team I feel confident about his growth as a shredder and know he’ll represent the company as what is it, a Phamily of riders who all contribute in their own unique ways to the industry.

Expect footage from the new AM rider & all the other team riders on our YouTube channel coming soon. Phoenix Pro Scooters
-Dan Barrett

Joel Wezly Erwin | Welcome to Phoenix Pro

Since the beginning of 2015 Cooper Klaar and myself started to build communication with Australian rider Wezma about becoming the newest addition to our pro team. Wezma resides in Sydney Australia where he often shreds with Wilson Thomas, Kai Saunders & many others. This is the first time we're expanding our pro team into the Australian region and we've made that decision based on 4 things, his dedication, attitude, out look on scootering and also, he simply shreds everything he rides!

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Welcome to Phoenix Pro Scooters | Wilson Thomas


We're more than stoked to announce the first addition to our team from Australia - Wilson Thomas! Wilson is a Sydney based rider who put loads of blood, sweat and chocolate milk in this video. We've been working with Wilson and a few other guys from the Australia scene (soon to be announced) since the beginning of the year, just a few days after the SD9 competition. Cooper Klaar actually came up with the idea of working with a close group of shredders based in AUS to represent Phoenix that he knows, after some conversations with the team and the guys in AUS we sent new product to AUS asap.

Few months later Wilson sent over his video & were happy to show you what real Australia scooter riding is. Enjoy and stay tuned for a few more Welcome To videos!

Void Lifestyle Magazine | South East Tour

A few weeks ago when Tyler and I toured the UK our good friend/great photographer/humbled/hard working friend Sam Cooper (@samcooperphotography) picked us up from Ashford train station where we had just arrived from Paris. From the day he picked us up and dropped us off we got to ride 4 skate parks, spots around Ramsgate, Basildon, and we rode through the streets of London for the street jam which Tyler ended up winning. 
Check out the article Void Lifestyle Magazine just published, it covers more detail of what went down.




Southwest Tour!!!

Filmed over the course of 1 month on the road in California, Arizona, and Mexico the SouthWest tour film is a compilation of the best moments on our international scooter travels. Including riders like Cooper Klaar, Dan Barrett, Hunter Bechtle, Jake Hershey, Joe Armstrong, Jon Devrind, Roomet Saalik, Ryan Upchurch, Stan Smirnoff and Tyler Bonner! The level of riding displayed is unreal, and these guys have plenty more where that came from! Let us know what you think and leave your comments below!
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