Company Founder: Tom Floyd

Like its mythical namesake, Phoenix was born from decades of learning and trying different disciplines, culminating in the birth of Phoenix Pro Scooters by founder Tom Floyd in 2009. Phoenix is a testament to years of arduous endeavors resulting in the birth of the Phoenix brand.

Having a background in the Bike Industry, Tom already knew a lot about the manufacturing process, and knew that Portland had the resources to be able to make a scooter that was light years ahead of what was currently on the market.  Mechanical Engineers were hired to create Solid Works 3D models and to allow Finite Element Analysis strength and stress testing of the deck and 6 prototypes were made.

Phoenix brought those prototypes to CooterCon ’09, and the rest is history. Pro Riders Josh Kish, Zig Short, and Anthony “Twan” Bustos rode the decks, were blown away by their performance, and instantly gave Phoenix credibility. The market solidly embraced the high-quality, ultra-performance, American-made Phoenix Decks, Bars, Forks, Wheels and accessories, which continue to expand in offerings to the hard-core scooter enthusiast. 

BOTTOM LINE - Phoenix Pro Scooters brings you the best quality, highest performing products on the market. Dedicated to leading the market, Phoenix compromises nowhere and excels where others drop the ball. Rise to the occasion – PHOENIX!


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